ShurMark, Inc.
Manufacturers of the STAKE TRACKER   bristle flags
Our Story
In 1965 Bob Smith secured a patent on a product for use in road construction to mark grade stakes called "blue tops".  Hence, the product was called a "blue top flag" and later also became known as "whisker" flags.  Then Bob incorporated a company to manufacture and sell these "blue top flags".  Made of polypropylene strands bound together by a metal bracket allowing it to be driven into wooden stakes, the flags became very popular with road contractors all over the United States.  In later years these same flags began to be used in multiple situations, from survey marking, one-call utility locating, marking building sites and to even marking sports fields.  It was soon discovered that these "whisker" flags were so versatile their uses were only limited to the imagination of the user.

In 1979 Coleman, Bob's son, joined  in the operation of the business, ranging from shipping, sales and accounting to the manufacturing process and upkeep and repair of machinery.

Then in the year 2000 we formed and incorporated a new business named Shurmark, Inc.  Because the "whisker" flags were being used in so many situations we named our flags STAKE TRACKER     and called them "bristle flags".  Coleman designed and built a new manufacturing process that made our machinery more productive and simpler to maintain.  This enables us to hold down our costs and prices.

Since the year 2000 Shurmark's sales have expanded from the United States and Canada to worldwide.  STAKE TRACKER   s  were used in the gold mines of  Russia and Siberia and were used to mark the mountain bike trail for the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Olympics.  We are still discovering new ways these flag are being put to use.  Truly being limited only by the users imagination.